Childhood Obesity Bay Area (COBA)

COBA is an annual conference that brings together local stakeholders in childhood obesity prevention to promote innovation and provide insight into work being done on this critical issue. COBA 2014 tickets are now available!

Slow Food San Francisco’s Childhood Obesity Bay Area (COBA) Conference will take place at UCSF Medical Center on February 22, 2014. COBA 2014 will feature world class childhood obesity experts and advocates, including Dr. Robert Lustig and Todd Putman. For more information on this year’s speakers, please visit our event page.

The COBA Conference brings together over 200 people annually to foster creative thinking and collaboration around obesity prevention. The Conference is a space for those working on this issue to connect and strengthen everyone’s work, helping to more immediately reach at risk families and children. Our speakers and attendees represent the fields of medicine, education, policy, research, activism, technology, non-profits, business, and more. Participants gain fresh insights on the various factors contributing to childhood obesity, and to learn about the many exciting solutions already underway to address it. The place-based approach of COBA also allows for meaningful and effective networking, and attendees gain new and diverse perspectives on the issue, which we hope will help to create successful models for change in their communities and professions.

Childhood obesity is a complex problem without a single solution. Thankfully, we’ve never had so many dedicated people working on the issue. Only by sharing ideas and coming to the table with an open mind, will we prevent and reverse childhood obesity as quickly as we would like.

For more information about COBA and  COBA 2014, please contact Laura O’Donohue at or Priya Fielding-Singh at .

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