Gardens in Africa Farm

1000 Gardens in Africa

The Terra Madre communities are cultivating a thousand food gardens in schools, villages and on the outskirts of cities in 25 African countries. So far, 756 gardens have been adopted, 2 of these are supported by your donations to Slow Food SF. 


Childhood Obesity Bay Area (COBA)

Make sure to join us THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 16 for the 5th annual Childhood Obesity Bay Area Conference.  Get your ticket here.



NOMAD Gardens

NOMADgardens, is a mission to find an empty lot in a developing neighborhood, fill it with portable plots of dirt and then invite the community in to build their gardens. More than just a garden, it is designed to be a hub for the community. Home to movie screenings, art shows, workshops and picnics or barbecues, NOMAD will roam seamlessly from vacant lot to vacant lot.

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Calling All Passionate People

Do you love local, organic, sustainable slow food with a desire to be a leader in the largest social food movement in the world? Slow Food San Francisco (SFSF) is now recruiting volunteer Board members for 2017!

See details and application here.





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THE LAST CROP - A film by Chuck Schultz

The Indiegogo campaign has completed with over $65,000 raised.  Thanks for all your support.

Completion Funds Campaign on INDIEGOGO

The Last Crop tells the story of a family caught in the middle as urban growth threatens California’s fertile Central Valley.  The film captures the intractable nature of sustaining a small local farm and the stake we all have in making certain they can survive and thrive. On a national scale, the Main’s story challenges conservation groups, local communities and some 500,000 aging U.S. farmers to rethink what actions they are willing to undertake to transfer their land to a new generation of family farmers.

Blog 10 Ways You Can #WasteLessinSF Today

We know food waste is a complex problem with solutions up and down the supply chain; no one solution will be a silver bullet. 40% of food goes to waste with ~40% of waste coming from the household. This month we were inspired while hosting the #NoFoodWasteHappyHour with Foodstand, and ZeroCater. We screened a portion [...]

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