Insights from the Art, Media, and Food Justice Summit

05/20/18 | by admin | Uncategorized

By: Jessica Karr, Slow Food San Francisco Member Food justice is social justice. Just digest that for a minute. Reflect on all of the ways in which food justice can support leadership of marginalized people. The summit on Saturday May 19, hosted by Museum of African Diaspora featuring chef-in-residence Bryant Terry, dove into the topics […]

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Meatless Monday Recipe!!!!

02/19/18 | by admin | Meatless Mondays

Slow Food San Francisco wants to help encourage your family get more of what’s good for them! #meatlessmonday recipes are an easy way for our community to get more of fruits and veggies. Special thanks to Monica Morariu for the scrumptious photos. For our first recipe….Scallion Pancakes! Happy #meatlessmonday! These scallion pancakes are quick to […]

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The COBA Conference is being postponed

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Dear COBA Community, Over the last 2 years, the leadership of COBA and Slow Food San Francisco transitioned to a new group of advocates passionate about bringing good, clean, and fair food to SF. After our 2016 Conference at UCSF, the co-directors of COBA, Laura O’Donohue and Priya Fielding-Singh went on to start medical school and finish a Ph.D., respectively. We look forward to continuing […]

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Slow Food San Francisco is seeking a Newsletter Volunteer

Member of Slow Food SF

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Hi Community, Warm greetings. Slow Food San Francisco is seeking a communications volunteer to assist in drafting a monthly newsletter. Work will be remote, and will consist of monthly content creation and editing consisting of 3-5 hours of work a month. Join Slow Food San Francisco in spreading the word about community wellness and awesome […]

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