Why does Conviviality Matter? Connecting Over Food as a Tool for Self-Care & Community Care

08/01/18 | by admin | SF Events, Slow Food SF Convivial Table, Slow Food SF Dinner Club

By Alisha Eastep, Slow Food San Francisco Treasurer In 2013, the Convivialist Manifesto was published. The document arose out of the need for a new social, moral and political philosophy of living together, since many are convinced that democracy and ecological survival can no longer rely any on the idea of infinite economic growth and inexhaustible resources. […]

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Meatless Mondays – Chickpea tiki Masala

07/31/18 | by admin | Meatless Mondays

Creamy, a little spicy, so packed with flavor! This AMAZING #vegan one pot tiki masala is another dish that works well for all you #mealprep work warriors. Here are the details: #slowfoodsf #slowfoodusa #meatlessmonday

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Designing for Food Security: Leveraging Design to Grow Communities and Feed Cities

07/05/18 | by admin | City, Farms, Gardens, Policy, School Gardens, SF Events

By Jessica Karr and Tiffani Patton   What does it mean to design for food security? We found out a few weeks ago at San Francisco Design Week. On a sunny, but windy, Thursday evening, a mix of Slow Foodies, designers, and social justice advocates gathered in the Parklab Community Garden to discuss how communities […]

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Meatless Mondays – Curry Red Lentil Soup

07/02/18 | by admin | Meatless Mondays

Red lentils are packed with wonderful nutrition. This mighty legume is high in fiber and a wonderful source of plant-based protein. Check out this coconut curry red lentil soup that is quick to make and so incredible hearty for these chilly summer evenings. Coconut Curry Red Lentil Soup #slowfoodsf #slowfoodusa #meatlessmonday

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