Traveling to Terra Madre


Terra Madre is just a little over a month away! This year, organizers are expecting over 1,000 exhibitors from 100 countries to converge in Turin, Italy for this biennial event focused on sustainability and biodiversity. For those unable to attend, an engaging video teaser has been created that explains Slow Food’s involvement and highlights diverse food and artisans from around the world.

Rosie Branons Gill
Rosie Branson Gill

Local Slow Food San Francisco member Rosie Branson Gill will be fortunate to experience this amazing conference first hand. She is the program director at 18 Reasons, an innovative community center focused on providing thought provoking programming and fostering collaboration toward creating a just and sustainable food system. Rosie is especially interested in training citizen cooks and gardeners – especially youth in the community. She shared with us her belief that “the choices we make are important; where and how we spend our money not only affect the taste of dishes we cook and the vitality of plants we grow but also serve as votes in support of one food system or another.” Her mission is to encourage people to “cook, grow, eat, and shop with eyes wide open.” Rosie’s focus on education will certainly be enhanced by her time at Terra Madre.

18 Reasons Farm School
18 Reasons Farm School

We asked Rosie about her reasons for wanting to travel to Turin. In her words: “One of the best ways to invigorate my work is to learn about other projects and to build community. I will be able to do both at Terra Madre. I expect to be inspired and to feel a part of a larger movement, both things that will fuel my fire at 18 Reasons when I get back to San Francisco.” We’re looking forward to hearing all about it!

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