Thoughts on Thankfulness, Happiness, and Resolutions

Dear Slow Food San Francisco Community,
This is the time of year most of us slow down and share at least one meal with friends, family, a community. Are you one of those people that pick the menu, cook, or help in the kitchen? Do you set a table, or cleanup? Do you take a moment to reflect on what you’re thankful for? Do you say it out loud?
In addition to preparing and then eating way too much, I’m one of those people that always encourages the people I’m with at the Thanksgiving table to voice what they’re thankful for. Psychology research tells us having gratitude is associated with lower stress, lower blood pressure, better sleep, and even more happiness. A lot of times what we say at the table has to do with the meal (big turkey! creamy mashed potatoes!), the people we’re with (we’re all here!), or the place (no airport delays! no snow!).
This year, I’m thankful for many things beyond the table. Many of them have to do with Slow Food, and YOU! I’m thankful for:
  • your generosity, of time and of spirit
  • your perseverance, as our movement needs continuous engagement
  • your patience, as our Board is still learning and we know there is a lot to do
  • our community, of partners and volunteers, sponsors and chefs, producers and members: all of whom have become such amazing allies and friends
And because of that increase in happiness associated with gratitude, I’m also thinking these would be great things to appreciate more of in 2018… so we can turn Thanksgiving gratitude into New Years resolutions (see what I did there? just trying to be efficient! ;)). We hope 2018 brings your continued engagement and want to thank you for your generosity, perseverance, and patience!
What are you thankful for? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (we’d love to see your Thanksgiving dinner photos!), and tell us if you’re going to do more of that in 2018. And if you’re simply thankful for dinner with friends and family… well, of course we totally support you doing more of that!
With gratitude,
Sally Rogers

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