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A Taste of School Lunch

02/13/10 | by slowfoodsf | City, Time for Lunch

The Institute of Medicine and Michelle Obama are taking on school lunches. As you’ll remember from our late summer campaign to renew and revamp the Child Nutrition Act, these school lunches reach more than 31 million kids and the other programs within the Child Nutrition Act provide breakfast, after school snacks, nutritional assistance, and more […]

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Food Access? There’s a Map for That

02/10/10 | by slowfoodsf | The Bay, Time for Lunch

No eggs, no meat, no public transportation. D.C. is struggling with all of these issues after yet another snow storm. Conditions are bad, don’t get me wrong, but I wonder how many counties across America struggle without public transportation or adequate access to healthy food even on the sunniest of days. The data is out […]

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A Baltimore School’s Cafeteria Bill of Rights

12/20/09 | by slowfoodsf | Time for Lunch

A student council marched down to the City School Board to show them what their school lunches consisted of and to insist that if the students had to eat it every day, then so should their representatives. And as the Civil Eats blog reports, the students were successful in bringing about real change for real […]

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The Meaning of Real Food in Schools

09/21/09 | by slowfoodsf | City, Time for Lunch

Curious tourists wandered by the check-in table with cameras in hand. Smiling into the sun they asked, “What is this?” “It’s a potluck, a political potluck.” This was how we would begin our explanation of what an Eat-In is all about. So what does it mean when we stage a form of protest that no […]

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