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Slow Food San Francisco is Presenting Regenerative Coasts at Slow Food Nations

See you at Slow Food Nations this weekend! We will be a the California booth both Saturday and Sunday 10am-Noon. SlowFood San Francisco is presenting a Regenerative California Coast.


We will introduce the goings on about seaweed and marine permaculture.


Look for the Kelp Curtains!

Check out some of the work we are supporting, and some cool stuff!

  •  Strong Arm Farms and their renewable methods of harvesting California Seaweed
  • Climate Foundation and their mission to moderate and reverse climate change
  •  Sea Forager, a dynamic print exploration of renewable seafood from hook to plate
  • PharmerSea for information on restorative coastlines
  • Run4Salmon, a campaign by the Winnemem Wintu tribe to protect and restore CA waters and indigenous life


Introducing the 2017 Slow Food Summer Lecture Series


Slow Food San Francisco introduces its first-ever Summer Lecture Series, to promote and highlight the keystone issues that create a society that produces food that is good, clean and fair for all.

This year’s series will focus on fish, farms, and wine, and we will offer a varied program for our community!

The efforts of this year’s event go to promote the Winemmem Wintu Tribe’s Salmon Restoration Project, and their honorable mission to bring native California Salmon back to the Bay Area.

July edition here.