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IATP Looks Beyond the USDA

02/06/10 | by slowfoodsf | Policy

Carlo Petrini writes in his book Slow Food Nation of a “network of gastronomes and the figure of the co-producer” as the social infrastructure necessary to counteract a food system that requires each commodity chain to span hundreds of miles. But Petrini continues, “the problems posed by this long chain of intermediaries go beyond that […]

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The State of the Union

02/03/10 | by slowfoodsf | Farms, Policy

This isn’t going to be a post going “line by line” through the President’s State of the Union address delivered one week ago. Though every columnist needed to find important things to talk about, and sometimes those things really were there, we all know that the State of the Union speech barely has a chance […]

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Monsanto Destroying Farming Communities

01/15/10 | by slowfoodsf | Policy

This post could go in a number of directions and as such, what results will not cover nearly what it should. If you’ve seen the film Food Inc., you know about the team of private investigators, the hotline, and the middle of the night visits to farmer’s houses all in the name of patent infringement. […]

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