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Looking Forward to International Congress

08/06/12 | by Kathryn Gilmore | Policy, Terra Madre

Once every four years, Slow Food International brings together sustainable food systems leaders from around the world. Delegates discuss the organization’s goals and policy strategies, as well as elect management bodies to carry these goals forward. This October, the sixth International Congress will be held in Turin, Italy at the same time as Terra Madre. […]

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The Health Care Bill and Health

03/23/10 | by slowfoodsf | Policy

The bill has more or less passed. The reconciliation bill will be taken up shortly by the Senate and many seem confident it will pass here as well. Considering the major elements of the bill include things like ending discrimination against individuals with preexisting conditions, ending limits on lifetime spending, allowing adult children up to […]

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Behind the Organic Label

02/18/10 | by slowfoodsf | Farms, Policy

For those who fight for access to organic goods, it is a relief that at last the USDA Organic label on our milk will mean that the cows had more than just ‘access’ to pastures. The requirement that organic livestock be provided access to pasture had often been abused by large dairies as a poorly […]

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“The Biggest Civil Rights Settlement” Goes Unpaid

02/15/10 | by slowfoodsf | Farms, Policy

Discriminatory land use policies have left a legacy of inequality that has yet to be rectified. Though the labor of slaves and later sharecroppers helped support American agriculture, African Americans were often denied access to land as well as to many of the processes of wealth accumulation that allowed the concentration of capital necessary to […]

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