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Bay Area Farm Inspires Nation

11/29/09 | by slowfoodsf | Farms

Slow Food San Francisco members are likely familiar with the story of Soul Food Farms in Vacaville, but it was new to today’s readers of The New York Times Magazine. Writer Christine Muhlke focused on the incredible community support shown in the face of a devastating fire in September. People raised money and volunteers even […]

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A Napa Walnut Tradition

11/02/09 | by slowfoodsf | Farms

A weekend in the Bay Area could lead you to some incredible places and Napa Valley falls high on that list. Slow Food San Francisco has even toured an ecological sustainable vineyard in the area. But Napa has more to offer than just grapes. An engaged Laure Latham wrote to Slow Food San Francisco to […]

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Canning, Your Public Option for Food

10/23/09 | by slowfoodsf | Farms

When thinking about an industry dominated by large corporations without true competition that relies on the myth of a self regulating market to dismiss inequity consumers face when trying to access that industry’s goods, you probably think of health care. But our food system fits the bill as well. That’s why groups like ActionAid and […]

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Global Climate Talks up for Revision

10/10/09 | by slowfoodsf | Farms

The Global Climate Talks are winding down this week in Bangkok and according to Minnesota’s Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policies (IATP), the diplomats have been unable to come up with a document of consensus. Instead, they have published “Non Paper 17.” The parts that are particularly contentious are bracketed. The document is largely so […]

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