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The Meaning of Real Food in Schools

09/21/09 | by slowfoodsf | City, Time for Lunch

Curious tourists wandered by the check-in table with cameras in hand. Smiling into the sun they asked, “What is this?” “It’s a potluck, a political potluck.” This was how we would begin our explanation of what an Eat-In is all about. So what does it mean when we stage a form of protest that no [...]

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Reauthorizing and Revamping the Child Nutrition Act

08/19/09 | by Dava Guthmiller | City, Time for Lunch

Rochester, Minnesota. Probably you’ve never been there, maybe never heard of it. It’s most known for Mayo Clinic, which, fortunately, was not why I was there this past weekend. I found myself last Saturday wandering through a farmers market of Hmong flower booths, Norwegian jam makers, and would-have-been-doctors turned farmers. That’s how I met Steve, [...]

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