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01/05/10 | by slowfoodsf | City

It’s January 5th. Clearly, I’m a little hesitant to post resolutions. We were forced to formulate goals periodically in an English class I took long ago in high school. The first time I sort of disliked it. The second time I found every aspect of it tiresome. The third time I instead wrote an essay […]

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Crab and the Community: Slow Crab and Oyster Fest 2009

12/06/09 | by slowfoodsf | City

In a neighborhood house designed by Julia Morgan in the early twenties, San Franciscans sat looking out at the night lights of the bridges and buildings below. Well, it wasn’t quite that calm. There was laughter, wine, and crab all set to the music of local band Mighty Mississippi. But every now and then the […]

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The Meaning of Real Food in Schools

09/21/09 | by slowfoodsf | City, Time for Lunch

Curious tourists wandered by the check-in table with cameras in hand. Smiling into the sun they asked, “What is this?” “It’s a potluck, a political potluck.” This was how we would begin our explanation of what an Eat-In is all about. So what does it mean when we stage a form of protest that no […]

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Reauthorizing and Revamping the Child Nutrition Act

08/19/09 | by Dava Guthmiller | City, Time for Lunch

Rochester, Minnesota. Probably you’ve never been there, maybe never heard of it. It’s most known for Mayo Clinic, which, fortunately, was not why I was there this past weekend. I found myself last Saturday wandering through a farmers market of Hmong flower booths, Norwegian jam makers, and would-have-been-doctors turned farmers. That’s how I met Steve, […]

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