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Volunteering and Digging Deeper

01/21/10 | by slowfoodsf | City

Last night’s Volunteer Happy Hour was a huge success. Project One was a gracious host and everyone came despite the gloomy weather. This morning, Naomi is heading to three San Francisco schools to drop of funds for school gardens and many people expressed interest in volunteering to help support those school’s long-term Edible Schoolyard goals. […]

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Meat in the City

01/10/10 | by slowfoodsf | City

How does a “selective return to the habits of (our) Paleolithic ancestors” sound? What part of that life would you select? Well, look to the young, virile, and well-dressed New York thirty-something crowd for some suggestions.  Described in an article published today in the New York Times, this group calls themselves urban cavemen. The element […]

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01/05/10 | by slowfoodsf | City

It’s January 5th. Clearly, I’m a little hesitant to post resolutions. We were forced to formulate goals periodically in an English class I took long ago in high school. The first time I sort of disliked it. The second time I found every aspect of it tiresome. The third time I instead wrote an essay […]

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Crab and the Community: Slow Crab and Oyster Fest 2009

12/06/09 | by slowfoodsf | City

In a neighborhood house designed by Julia Morgan in the early twenties, San Franciscans sat looking out at the night lights of the bridges and buildings below. Well, it wasn’t quite that calm. There was laughter, wine, and crab all set to the music of local band Mighty Mississippi. But every now and then the […]

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