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The 50-Year Farm Bill

01/26/10 | by slowfoodsf | The Bay

Wes Jackson is one part familiar and one part completely unpredictable. Listening to him last night at UC Berkeley’s International House, I was prepared for the charts and data on soil erosion, for the refrain of historical context, for the research coming out of The Land Institute. But I did not expect  phrases like, “economics […]

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San Jose’s Mesa Verde

01/17/10 | by slowfoodsf | The Bay

If you’ve been looking for a model non-profit organization working toward food justice to become a part of or to replicate in your own communities, let La Mesa Verde be that example. Covered in today’s New York Times as well as in last week’s Mercury News, La Mesa Verde is a locally grown effort that […]

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The Oakland Chocolate Company

10/16/09 | by slowfoodsf | The Bay

On Saturday October 10, Nancy Nadel opened up the doors of her Oakland chocolate factory to give some Slow Food SF members a tour and a taste. Nancy works with the bean from nib to bar/truffle/bon bon. And it isn’t only the process that receives her full attention but also the harvesting and production. She […]

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To Take a Walk in the Countryside/ Una Scampagnata

10/09/09 | by slowfoodsf | The Bay

On October 8th, San Francisco’s 18 Reasons hosted Douglas Gayeton in honor of his book (an inadequate word for what he really produced) Slow: Life in a Tuscan Town. The reception was a bit more than the little 18 Reasons could handle but they welcomed everyone in nonetheless to taste  the foods we saw being […]

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