Carlo Petrini’s Message at Slow Food Nations

Slow Food Nations in Denver this week was a formative, inspirational time for the board!


In particular, Carlo Petrini, the founder of Slow Food, gave the closing keynote talk, with many important lessons for people looking to make a difference in food.


He discussed 3 important keys in changing our food system.

  • food must be local and small-scale

It is important that food is tied to the community that consumes and creates it, and that food production is done in awareness of the environment, not to its detriment.

  • Now is the time for sharing

In order to win against the Mosantos and McDonalds of the world, everyone who eats must band together in community around their food. Food activism should be fun, and all involved must get a helping hand when they need it.

  • To meet these challenges, Slow Food must adapt to people’s needs 

Slow Food should be making use of social media and the activities that engage young people, and bring them into the movement. Slow Food needs less structure and more room for creativity to thrive.


So what do you think? Was Carlo on to something? Is the future of the food movement in its community?


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