AgLocal Joins the Conscientious Consumer Movement


Newly launched AgLocal sources and delivers humane and naturally raised meat from family farms throughout the West Coast to your door. 

The company is joining the movement toward more conscious consumerism by sourcing high quality, responsibly raised meat from family farms throughout the West Coast and delivering it directly to consumers’ doorsteps. Seeking to create demand for sustainable, trustworthy meats, AgLocal’s model ultimately empowers more farms to thrive – bringing profitability back to American agriculture while resulting in delivering better meat to consumers.

AgLocal’s mission is to bring healthier, tastier meats that are better for consumers and the environment.  With fewer full time farmers able to maintain profitability in an economy of rising costs for land, feed and food, AgLocal provides a platform where responsible ranching practices are rewarded through providing a larger platform of demand for trustworthy meat.

“We are thrilled to bring this concept throughout the West Coast, to customers who share the same like-minded vision as we do when it comes to locally farmed meats,” says Naithan Jones, CEO of AgLocal. “We are seeking to level the playing field for independent farms by providing access to resources, fair market pricing, and a viable marketplace while delivering customers with a convenient and transparent way to receive good meat from good farmers. By purchasing a subscription, our customers join the movement to help community farms thrive.”

Currently, AgLocal is focused on working with farms throughout the West Coast to service consumers in the regions. Example farms include Devil’s Gulch (Nicasio, CA) SunFed Ranch (Sacramento, CA) and Anderson Ranch (Brownsville, OR). With a farm sourcing team, AgLocal researchers and meets directly with farms to vet and affirm sustainable livestock production that takes into account the health of the land, animals, and community. The team’s goal is to work with each farmer and reduce the challenge of selling whole animals to the public.

AgLocal offers four, monthly-subscription lifestyle-based subscription boxes to meet the culinary needs of consumers.  The versatile product line and easy to master recipes included in each box bring AgLocal’s farms to consumers forks in a delicious, healthy and fun way, while most importantly, highlighting the producers that raise the meat.

The convenience of AgLocal’s monthly subscription model and lifestyle-based boxes provides consumers with direct access to better meat. A small box subscription contains 4-7 lbs. of high quality meat for $85, while a large box subscription for $150 contains 10-14 lbs. of meat, delivered monthly to consumer’s doorsteps.  Each box is packaged in the San Francisco warehouse. The meat is shipped frozen, unless otherwise specified.

How Slow Food SF Members Can get Involved

-Hungry? Interested customers can sign up now on the AgLocal website by selecting and purchasing a subscription box.

-Want to Blog about Sustainable Meat? The AgLocal Blog, “Pasture to Plate” is looking for guest bloggers. If interested, please send an email to

-Have a favorite farm? Let AgLocal know! We are busily growing our farm database and would love to hear about your favorite farms. Please write to


About AgLocal

Launched in San Francisco in 2013, AgLocal is a conscious company dedicated to rewarding responsible ranchers and consumers by sourcing sustainably raised meat and delivering it directly to customer’s doorsteps in a monthly subscription format. AgLocal’s goal is to provide extremely high quality meat at a worthwhile investment to sustain American agriculture at its finest, and bring profitability back into the ranching process, while providing consumers with a more healthy meat product.  For more information, please visit

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