SF Board Bios

The Slow Food SF board is a collection of passionate individuals who volunteer their time to create our programs and events.  This board is a collective of culinary, agriculture, food justice activists. Thanks to all of these fine foodies for their insight, time, and dedication to the Slow Food movement.

Ave Lambert – Food Justice and Policy /

Ave Lambert is a farmer, chef, activist and innovator. Their master’s
thesis work was on barriers to access in food deserts and creating
replicable models to revitalize impoverished areas. As a 9th generation
Californian, they are very tied to the land and know we can change the
world through growing, cooking and sharing of nutrient-dense delicious
food around communal tables where we can have hard conversations.

Sally Rogers / Chair

Sally Rogers worked in finance and consulting for a decade before deciding to leave her corporate career and chase her passion: helping people make better food choices during snack time. She founded Nibble in 2016, which sells combinations of veggies & hummus to Bay Area offices. As Chair of Slow Food San Francisco, she oversees the activities of the chapter, represents the Chapter with the Slow Food USA national office, the Regional Governor and other Chapter leaders in the region, and looks to discover new ways to partner and collaborate to maintain a meaningful, connected local presence.

Alisha Eastep / Treasurer

Alisha Eastep is a multi-subject educator and writer with a passion for sustainability in the classroom, kitchen and beyond. She also works with the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature in Kyoto, Japan on the Small-scale Economies Project, examining the viability of diverse, small, localized food chains. As Treasurer and Communications Chair for Slow Food San Francisco, Alisha oversees finances and participates in event support. She dreams of universal access to nourishing, delicious food that honors the whole food production process.

Kelly Geiser / Education and Advocacy

Kelly is a mother and culinary activist. She has a background in Arts and education, working with preschool age children through teens in cooking and visual arts for the past 15 years.  Kelly teaches cooking workshops from her home in Petaluma and continues her passion for community by having as many people over for dinner as possible.  Kelly is also a member of Slow Fish and is dedicated to the advocacy and transparency around seafood and aquaculture. She is really looking forward to serving the San Francisco Bay Area as their Justice and Education Advocate on the SlowFood San Francisco Board.

Anais Radonich / Community Partnerships & Programming

Anais Radonich Galvin is the founder of Farm+Cellar ~ a boutique marketing company that creates authentic and compelling content that fosters awareness and growth for small businesses. Anais oversees communication and outreach with Slow Food San Francisco partners to develop community programming and events. Our goal is to create connection, collaboration and engagement with food in the Bay Area.


Lorenzo Scarpone / Founder & General Council

Lorenzo Scarpone is a native of the Abruzzi region in central Italy. Raised on a farm where his family produced their own food and grew their own grapes to make wine, Lorenzo was introduced to the importance of culinary and wine-making traditions at a very young age. From his earliest farming experiences with his father Vincenzo, he is a staunch advocate of small-scale, sustainable agriculture and hands-on artisan winemaking. This environment nurtured his passion for food and wine and inspired Villa Italia, as well as compelling him to be an early leader of the Slow Food movement, opening San Francisco’s first “convivium” in 1990.

Dava Guthmiller / General Council

As the Founder of Noise 13 Design, Dava has been involved with food & beverage branding since 2000. She has been a member of Slow Food since 2003 and on the leadership team since 2008. For Slow Food SF, Dava is also the chair of the annual Golden Glass event. Dava and her design firm are advisors for Seedling Projects and the Good Food Awards, as well as supporting sponsors for the Good Food Merchants Guild.


Favorite cooking tool: tongs

Vera R. Ciammetti / General Council

Vera is a first generation American of Italian immigrants who came to New York from Abruzzo, L’Aquila. She moved to the Bay Area in 1996 and is the past treasurer of Slow Food San Francisco. In addition to being the Executive Director of Ruby’s Place, a domestic violence and human trafficking shelter, she is a culinary instructor at Draeger’s Cooking School and J. Glynn & Company. She was the Operations Director for Slow Food Nation worked in the International Slow Food Office on the Terra Madre event in 2008. Vera embraces the slow food traditions in every aspect of her daily life.



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