40 Days of Fair Food- Do you know who produces your food?

By: Laura O’Donohue

It’s time to find out! 40 Days of Fair Food is a blog started by young food justice advocates in San Francisco who, for Lent and into the future, will track who produces their food, and if those people are treated fairly.

What is fair? For the Fair Food 40 team, fair food is food produced by people who are treated according to UN Human Rights Standards while working.

They’ll be highlighting products each week that meet those standards and also products that don’t. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your food choices, and get involved! 40 Days of Fair Food will occasionally post Fair Food Challenges which I hope you take up (they include prizes!).

Keep reading 40 Days of Fair Food, and help us make sure the food we are supporting is good, clean and fair.

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