10 Ways You Can #WasteLessinSF Today

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We know food waste is a complex problem with solutions up and down the supply chain; no one solution will be a silver bullet. 40% of food goes to waste with ~40% of waste coming from the household.

This month we were inspired while hosting the #NoFoodWasteHappyHour with Foodstand, and ZeroCater. We screened a portion of the film, Just Eat It, noshed on delicious (and normally wasted) bites, and chatted about the systematic issues that generate so much waste.

Here are 10 ways we can all make an impact and #WasteLessInSF TODAY:

1. Cut waste by buying less food and shopping more frequently – Eat what you buy and try not to let anything go to waste
2. Get Creative using what you have – make a mixed herb pesto with any herbs that are about to go bad. Ex: Handful of cilantro, parsley, chives, rosemary, 1-2 garlic cloves, olive oil and the last sprinkles of parmesan cheese you have in that container in the back of the fridge. Blend together with a pinch of salt. Put on sandwiches, pasta, or whatever protein you’re eating for diner.
3. Buy directly from a farmer – cut out the time that food sits on grocery shelves and can go bad by buying from the source
4. Freeze whatever you can – Herbs can be put into an ice cube tray with olive oil. Cut vegetables and freeze for easy stir-fry. Peel brown bananas and put them in a zip-top bag for smoothies.
5. Get a produce box from our friends at Imperfect Produce
6. Try ZeroCater at your office
7. Compost as a last resort – can you throw all those about to go bad veggies into a pureed soup?
8. Get involved at the local level – ask questions at your grocery stores and restaurants – how are they dealing with their waste?
9. For even more ideas, Join the No Food Waste Challenge on the Foodstand App. You’ll get daily tips, motivation from the community, and fun tracking to see how well you’ve done.
10. Use the hashtag #WasteLessinSF when you use any of the tips above and share your brilliant ways to minimize waste with us on Facebook and Twitter.

San Francisco now recycles or composts 80 percent of its garbage, more than double the national average. Be proud!

Want more ideas? Read the ReFED report for a full landscape on the food waste issue and opportunities. Follow Chef Pesha on Instagram for inspiration. Stay in touch with our Panelists: Chris Hunt from ReFED, Dylan Bondy from Imperfect Produce, Mike Goldblatt from Copia, and Robert Reed from Recology.

A big Thank you to all who made the #NoFoodWasteHappyHour possible:
Rachna Govani – Co-founder / CEO of Foodstand, The Just Eat It team, TwoXSea, Rebbl, Renewal Mill, Regrained Bars, Acme Bread, Oren’s Hummus, Dalla Terra Wines (Brian Larky and Dalla Terra), Sweetgreen, Green String Farm, Rodriguez Farms, and Ground Stew Farms.



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